220: The Many Facets of Wellbeing with Dr. Jay Maddock, Co-Director of the Center for Health and…

220: The Many Facets of Wellbeing with Dr. Jay Maddock, Co-Director of the Center for Health and…

The scope of career paths open to wellness professionals varies far and wide, as evidenced by the resume of today’s guest, Dr. Jay Maddock, Co-director of the Center for Health and Nature and Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at Texas A&M.

Dr. Jay Maddock has done a little bit of everything – serving as the Director and Chair of the University of Hawaii Public Health Program, the Dean of the School of Public Health and Chief Wellness Officer at Texas A&M University, and most recently the Editor In Chief of the Journal of Healthy Eating and Active Living.

In this episode, Jay discusses his background and aspects of his time with the Healthy Hawaii Committee. He shares a bit about his role as Chief Wellness Officer at Texas A&M and the creation of their successful wellness program, Flourish.

Jay then delves into his real passion, the Center for Health and Nature and his fascination with how the outdoors affects everything from illness recovery to worksite wellness. Lastly, he leaves wellness professionals with a few tangible tips.

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