5. Diet and Nutrition for Osteoarthritis

5. Diet and Nutrition for Osteoarthritis

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many patients with musculoskeletal conditions are managing their symptoms at home. In both the early and later stages of hip osteoarthritis, self-management strategies can help control symptoms such as pain and stiffness.
In this video series, we share some information on the self-management of hip osteoarthritis, which has been taken from the Cycling Against Hip Pain (CHAIN) programme.
In this video, Matthew Low, Consultant Physiotherapist at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital and Visiting Associate at Bournemouth University, looks at how diet and nutrition can help to manage osteoarthritis symptoms.
If you have any questions specific to your condition, please get in touch with your GP.
For more information of the CHAIN programme, please visit the ORI website: www.bournemouth.ac.uk/ori


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