5 questions with… Health & Wellness – University of Toronto

5 questions with… Health & Wellness – University of Toronto

University of Toronto Health & Wellness staff, Pratik and Swati, answer five common questions new students have about coming to #UofT this fall.

Health & Wellness website: http://healthandwellness.utoronto.ca
Health & Wellness eligibility: http://uoft.me/5W3
New patient registration: http://uoft.me/5W4
Health & Wellness forms: uoft.me/5Wd
U of T face mask details: http://uoft.me/5W5
COVID-19 Student FAQs: http://uoft.me/5Qt
U of T’s plans for keeping the U of T community safe this fall: http://uoft.me/5W9
Mental health resources: http://uoft.me/feeling-distressed
U of T My SSP: http://uoft.me/myssp
Breathe Well workshop: http://uoft.me/5W6
Sleep Well workshop: http://uoft.me/5W7
Community Support Group: http://uoft.me/5W8
5 Ways to Wellbeing: http://uoft.me/5Wg
Absence declaration on ACORN: https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/registrar/covid-19-absence-declaration-acorn
Health & Wellness Centre email: info.hwc@utoronto.ca
Health Promotion team email: health.promotion@utoronto.ca

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