A Day in the Life of Health & Wellness Coach: Robyn Youkilis

A Day in the Life of Health & Wellness Coach: Robyn Youkilis

Robyn Youkilis, a 2009 Integrative Nutrition graduate, is on the go from morning to night, running her New York City-based nutrition and coaching practice, filming her talk show on Veria Living, and maintaining her own healthy lifestyle. Here’s how IIN helped Robin understand nutrition and gave her the confidence to become a Health Coach. What does your day look like?
► Chapters
0:00 Meet Health Coach & Wellness Expert Robyn Youkilis
0:11 Run a “Your Healthiest You” nutrition and coaching practice based in New York city
0:17 A typical day for Robyn
0:45 Robyn Youkilis meets fellow Health Coach Quinn Asteak
0:58 Healthy Cooking Camp
1:06 The opportunity for her own Talk Show
1:53 How IIN prepared Robyn Youkilis as a wellness expert

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