A Holistic Approach to Nutrition for Dancers with Dance Nutritionist Rachel Fine

A Holistic Approach to Nutrition for Dancers with Dance Nutritionist Rachel Fine

3 strategies that dancers can implement a holistic approach to their nutrition plan.

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Dance Nutrition | The Importance of Nutrition for a Dancer’s Diet and Health | Rachel Fine is a board-certified dietitian, specialist in sports nutrition, and expert of dancer health and dancer nutrition. Learn how to optimize your performance potential and build a healthy lifestyle.

As a former professional dancer, I get it. I’ve been there: the stress of placement classes, the gut-wrenching feeling of audition decisions, and the pre-performance anxiety! On top of it, we balance the high demands of our art with industry pressures that promote unrealistic ideals around food, body, and work ethic. My experiences in both pre-professional and professional dance life provide me with a deep insight into your lifestyle and your performance goals.

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