Advanced Vibration Machine Exercises Guide: Complete Tutorial

Advanced Vibration Machine Exercises Guide: Complete Tutorial

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I will show you how to use a vibration machine at home for a workout, to get the most results out of it. If you have finished our basic vibrating exercises, I am now giving you advanced vibration machine platform training exercises with 12 minutes step by step demonstration.

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The advanced workout routine includes:
1: Calf Raise
2: Half Squat
3: Elbow Plank
4: Full Plank
5: Pelvic Bridge
6: Push Up
7: Knee Push Up
8: Side Push Up
9: Half Press Up
10: Leg Extensions
11: Lats Stretch
12: Backhand Raise
13: Whole Body Vibration

Vibration machines have become wildly popular for 2 reasons: they make exercising easy, and when paired with a proper diet and additional exercise, they get results. And that’s true. I believe if you follow this tutorial video and take action with your vibration exercise plate, you will be surprised by it.

I hope you guys love this video.
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