Beaverlodge Health & Wellness – a one-stop shop for patients

Beaverlodge Health & Wellness – a one-stop shop for patients

In 2017, Dr. Clow’s lease for her clinic in Beaverlodge was expiring and she needed to move.

She had a dream to build a new multidisciplinary health clinic on a scale that was unheard of for this town of 2,500.

Dr. Clow and Isley created Beaverlodge Health and Wellness: a one-stop shop where patients can see their physician, pharmacist, physiotherapist, optometrist, and psychologist all at the same location.

“We just decided to go for it, and it turned out to be the best thing ever,” said Dr. Clow.

“Everything just fell into place,” said Isley, office and clinic manager.

The multi-disciplinary approach fosters better patient care and promotes collaboration between health professionals.
Pharmacist, Becky Perrin, is the owner of Mint Pharmacy, which is part of the clinic.

“It has been an amazing opportunity. The collaboration we have here is second to none. And I feel very lucky as a pharmacist, and a pharmacy owner, to be a part of that,” Perrin explained.

Optometrists, Dr. Victoria Kennedy and husband, Dr. Shaun Waayenburg, provide eye care at Beaverlodge Health and Wellness.

Physiotherapist Brodie Lockhart believes the clinic is the model of the future.

“It’s a wonderful model that the health care system is trying to move towards.”

For senior patients with diabetes or hypertension, an in-house primary care network nurse sees them prior to their appointment with the doctor.

Beaverlodge Health and Wellness is located in a beautiful, new brick building on the main street in downtown Beaverlodge. It features an open design where physician exam rooms share the hallways with optometrist exam rooms.

All that separates the physiotherapist from the rest of the clinic is a barn door, and there is no door between the pharmacy and the clinic.

“We wanted that really open model where we are all a team,” says Perrin.

Congratulations to the Beaverlodge Health and Wellness Team, one of the recipients of the 2020 RhPAP Rhapsody Health-care Heroes Award.

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