Become a Nutrition Advisor in Less than 6 Months

Become a Nutrition Advisor in Less than 6 Months

Want to become a nutrition advisor? Start now with accredited online courses at Brentwood Open Learning College. . Become familiar with the fundamentals of diet and nutrition, including how to make healthy well-balanced diet, how to efficiently lose weight , how to read food labels and how to advice people on their nutritional needs. Our courses allow you to study at your own pace in your house. You can study at your own time and complete all the work at the time that best suits you. This video explains how you can start your career as a nutrition advisor.
Diet and nutrition is the knowledge of the food and the effects of food made on the human body. What you drink and eat has an enormous impact on your look and feel. Understanding the basics of good nutrition is essential for everyone.
Why is Studying Nutrition Important?
Reason: 1
Link between dietary factor, health and diseases
Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and diabetes can kill more than 36 million people each year. An unhealthy diet is known to be one of the main risk factors for causing these diseases.
Reason: 2
Every person is unique
What is considered healthy for one person may not be the same for the other. There are various other factors affecting our health and wellbeing. Any health advice without considering these would be fruitless: Nutrition, life style, sleep, age, gender, mood, activity level, energy level, stress level, blood sugar, hormones are among the factors that a nutrition advisor takes into account when advising people.
Reason: 3
Nutrition advice alone can’t bring lasting results
Highly appropriate nutrition information will be useless unless the client follows it properly. Nutrition advisor needs additional skills to help people change their habits , keep them motivated for their nutritional plans. After all ‘Healthy habits create healthy results’.
Take a first step toward a stable career in nutrition by mastering the principles of
Healthy eating
Weight loss
Managing stress
Energy balance
Exercise myths
Understating food labels
Not only this you learn how to practically work as a nutrition advisor
Studying at Brentwood Open Learning College helps to achieve all this with:
Affordable and comprehensive courses
Flexible learning to fit around your life style
Accredited certificates
Once- to -one tutor support

Brentwood open learning college is proud to offer highly regarded diet and nutrition courses. Nutritionist Course Online level 3 has been designed for anyone attempting to enhance their own health or the health of the people around them. Nutrition Certificate Online consists of following seven units: An Overview of Nutrition, Dietary Nutrition, The Balanced Diet, Dietary Requirements, Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, Weight Control. This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in nutrition and diet.
Diploma in Diet and Nutrition level 4 is designed for people who want to pursue nutrition advising career. Nutrition Certification Online level 4 is delivered through following fifteen units: An Overview of Nutrition, Basics of Nutrition 1, Basics of Nutrition 2, Digestion and Detoxification, Eating Disorders, Balancing the Diet, Principles of Healthy Eating, Nutrition and the Immune System, Diet and Disease, Women’s Health, Nutrition Requirement for Different People, Weight Control Management, Weight Loss Management, Anti-ageing formulas, The Role of a Nutritionist. This course in designed to grow contemporary skills of a professional diet and nutrition adviser in our students. After successful completion of our courses, you will get accredited certificates from UK’s top awarding bodies.

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