Best Diet for Hepatitis C

Best Diet for Hepatitis C

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Best Diet for Hepatitis C
The best diet for hepatitis C is one that anyone can follow to lose weight, since staying at a healthy weight is important for controlling this disease.

A good diet for hepatitis C is high in fruits and vegetables, as these foods usually have plenty of vitamin C and folic acid. In addition to such products, those following this type of diet should ensure that whole grains play a large role. Thus, whole grain bread, cereal, and brown rice are all recommended foods for those with hepatitis C.

Some foods should be limited when following a diet for hepatitis C, as they can be harmful in large amounts. Sodium is one of these products, as excessive salt can cause bloating, making the liver work harder than it should get rid of toxins. Animal products are also to be limited, including dairy and red meat.

Alcohol is typically prohibited on a diet for hepatitis C since there is no known amount that is safe to consume when this disease is present. Thus, caffeinated beverages like most types of cola, coffee, and tea should be avoided among those with hepatitis C.

Best Diet for Hepatitis C

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