Best Healthcare Hashtags for Your Practice on Social Media

Best Healthcare Hashtags for Your Practice on Social Media

If your medical practice is on social media, it’s most likely because you want to interact with more patients and audiences. These platforms make it so much easier to reach more people since anyone can stumble upon your page. There are intentional ways to categorize your account’s content so it’s associated with the healthcare space.

A common tool for doing this is through hashtags. These are words or phrases preceded by the hash sign. It helps users find similar content to what they’re viewing and it makes it much easier to expand your audience so people will learn about your practice.

Posts that include at least one hashtag averages 13% more engagement than those that don’t. Users can search for a specific tag, or click on a hashtag within a caption to view all posts which contain that tag. So now that you understand what this tool is and how it increases traffic, what are the best ones to include in your practice’s posts? Well, it depends on which platform you’re using.


Let’s take a look at Instagram first. This is a visual platform full of tips for healthy habits such as recipes, diet, and exercise. A lot of influencers on this platform focus on promoting health lifestyles. This is why #healthy is the most popular health-related tag with more than 160 million posts. Some Instagram users will include as many tags as possible within their captions to gain more attention. These also often promote health and wellness tips, so other popular tags are #healthyfood, #healthylifestyle, and #healthyliving which have between 30 million and 80 million posts.

TikTok is a video-based platform. Like Instagram, people often share health advice on this channel. Fitness is one of the top health-related tags on TikTok with nearly 36 billion views. People use it for demonstrations, showing off their fitness journeys, and posting before-and-afters to promote active lifestyles. If your practice posts anything fitness-related, use this tag. It makes it easy for people to find your videos when they search for this content, and it also increases the chance that your video will land on their For You Page. The app tailors the content it shows users based on what they like. When a user watches a video all the way through, likes it, or shares it, then the app will send similar content to that user based on its hashtags. This is a game-changer as a small practice because you don’t need to have a big following in order to make engaging content.

The next platform is Twitter. This was the first-ever social media channel to introduce hashtags back in 2007. It’s famous for showing global trending content by displaying the categories that are receiving the most attention. For some popular tag searches, it will even show how many Tweets used it in the last hour. While it might sound basic, #health is the most popular health-related hashtag on Twitter.

This doesn’t mean it’s trending, but it receives a lot of exposure: over 1 million per hour. Unfortunately, people are 70% more likely to Retweet false information. And when false Tweets include trending or popular hashtags, they reach even more people. But as a doctor, you can use these popular tags and trending topics to spread truthful information about health, one of the most widely searched topics online. Sharing what you know adds credible information for when people search this content and when the tags start trending.

Finally, we have the business-based platform LinkedIn. Made for networking and professional communication, users can follow tags so that any posts containing them will show up on their feed. This makes it easy for people to find content related to their profession.

Given the heavy emphasis on categorizing industries, #Healthcare is one of the popular health hashtags on LinkedIn. It has close to 10 million followers, and has several million post results so the frequency that people use this tag is high. This contributes to the platform’s professional conversations, making it easier to network with peers.

Including hashtags in your posts on social media is a simple way to expand your audience beyond those actively searching for your account. With a little bit of research, you’ll have a better idea of the type of content that people engage with most. Bringing your content to popular pages is one thing, but incorporating the right mix of tags is what gives you the best odds for others to find you without advertising.

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