Creating Your Wellness Vision Part 1: What Do You Value?

Creating Your Wellness Vision Part 1: What Do You Value?

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION: This is the first in a four vlog series about creating your unique wellness vision. A wellness vision is a statement that defines you at your most actualized, energetic self. In this blog, you will explore what is essential to you, what motivates you, or more simply what are your values. We are often in touch with what we want more of or less of in our lives, however, it’s often more challenging to see how what we desire relates to our values.

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Personal Values Worksheet:

Acceptance Dependability Imagination Openness Self-control
Accomplishment Determination Improvement Optimism Selflessness
Accuracy Diversity Independence Order Self-respect
Achievement Education Influence Originality Sensitivity
Adventure Elegance Individuality Peace Serenity
Altruism Efficiency Initiative Perfection Service
Ambition Empathy Inner Peace Perseverance Simplicity
Amusement Enlightenment Innovation Persistence Spirituality
Assertiveness Equality Intelligence Play Spontaneity
Authenticity Excellence Integrity Pleasure Stability
Autonomy Expertise Intimacy Polite Strength
Balance Fairness Intuition Positivity Structure
Beauty Faith Inventiveness Power Success
Being Fame Joy Practicality Tenderness
Belonging Family Justice Privacy Timeliness
Boldness Fitness Kindness Proficiency Thoroughness
Calm Forgiveness Knowledge Progress Thoughtfulness
Capable Freedom Leadership Prosperity Tradition
Challenge Friendship Laughter Purpose Tranquility
Cleanliness Fun Learning Rationality Trust
Collaboration Generosity Legacy Recognition Truthfulness
Comfort Gratitude Love Reliability Understanding
Compassion Growth Logic Relationships Uniqueness
Competence Happiness Loyalty Relaxation Usefulness
Confidence Hard work Mastery Respect Variety
Conservation Harmony Meaning Responsibility Vitality
Contentment Health Moderation Resourcefulness Victory
Contribution Honesty Modesty Restraint Vision
Courage Honor Money Risk Wealth
Creativity Hope Nature Security Wholeness
Decisiveness Humility Nurturing Self-awareness Wisdom

1. From the above list, circle all the values that resonate with you.

2. In the box below, add in any values that are important to you, but not on the above list:

3. Narrow down your list to your top five values and write them below: