Diet Tips to Prevent Liver Damage From Hepatitis #hepatitis – Dr. Sanjay Panicker| Doctors' Circle

Diet Tips to Prevent Liver Damage From Hepatitis #hepatitis – Dr. Sanjay Panicker| Doctors' Circle

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In Hepatitis B the liver is getting inflamed that is irritated and swollen up so the patient develops a lot of symptoms. There are 3 or 4 phases in this particular disease. You have a stage of inflammation like hepatitis subsequently you have fatty liver then you steatohepatitis then you have cirrhosis and in some of the cases over a period of several years 1% of the cases turn into liver cancer. So there is a possibility but not all of it are fatal. The fatality rate of hepatitis B is only 3%. But how do you prevent your liver when you have hepatitis? How do you prevent it from going into cirrhosis and all these kind of stages? There are certain things in the food which can help you. Generally antioxidant diet, foods rich in antioxidant like fruits and vegetables are the best for your liver. All your junk foods like your pizzas burgers even non vegetarian red meat can also be very heavy for the liver to digest. High protein food is little difficult for digestion process and liver is a major gland which deals with the digestive system. So anything which puts an overload on the liver can cause a problem with its healing mechanism. To know more in detail, watch the video.


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