Exam, X Ray & Functional Testing | Chiropractor In St. Petersburg FL

Exam, X Ray & Functional Testing | Chiropractor In St. Petersburg FL

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Welcome to Thrive! Wellness Center, located in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. At Thrive! Wellness Center we understand you can’t be at your best for yourself, your family, or your community if you’re in pain or are concerned about your health. Our St. Petersburg chiropractor Kelley Mulhern listens to your concerns, performs appropriate testing, and makes prompt referrals when they’re needed. We’re also excited to announce that we now accept Medicare in our office.

Thrive! Wellness Center is located in Scott Medical Center, one block West of St. Pete General Hospital. We’re approximately one mile from the Tyrone Mall, and 2 miles from the Bay Pines area of St. Petersburg, FL. We have plenty of free parking!

Thrive! Wellness Center isn’t right for everyone in St. Petersburg, FL, and we don’t accept everyone as a patient. If you’re looking for a quick “crack” or a “pop” once in a blue moon, or If you don’t understand the need for a comprehensive spinal exam before letting someone adjust your spine, this is not the office for you. We work with people who are committed to making a change in their health. If the chiropractic and wellness services we offer aren’t what you need, we won’t waste your time or your money.

To book your appointment, visit https://thrivewellcenter.com/
or call us at (727) 381-3456

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