Foods That Are Bad for Hepatitis C

Foods That Are Bad for Hepatitis C

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02:17 High-Sugar Foods
03:18 Liver-Toxic Foods
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Foods That Are Bad for Hepatitis C
If you have hepatitis C, some diet choices can potentially make your condition worse by contributing to liver damage or complications of the infection. Foods that are best to avoid include alcohol, wild mushrooms, undercooked shellfish and foods high in fat or sugar.

The liver processes the nutrients from the foods you eat and drink, and removes toxins from your blood — including alcohol.
High-Fat Foods

Avoiding high-fat foods is important for people with hepatitis C because the disease often causes fat buildup in the liver, especially among those who are obese or have unhealthy blood fat levels.

High-Sugar Foods

People with hepatitis C have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes because the virus affects how the liver processes sugar and fats.

Liver-Toxic Foods

Because hepatitis C attacks the liver, foods that may be poisonous or contain liver-damaging toxins can be extremely damaging to people who have the virus.

Salty Foods

The American Association for the Study of Liver Disease recommends limiting salt in the diet for people who have advanced cirrhosis with fluid buildup.

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Foods That Are Bad for Hepatitis C


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