Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist Shares the Key Foods for Incredible Mental Health | Dr. Uma Naidoo

Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist Shares the Key Foods for Incredible Mental Health | Dr. Uma Naidoo

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Diet, nutrition, and mental health. What is the connection between them, how does our nutrition influence our mental health and emotions, and what are the steps we can take today to walk on a path towards proper brain health? Has your diet significantly affected your emotions, behaviors, or mental wellbeing? Are you seeking a powerful alternative to the never-ending cycle of prescriptions? On this episode of Health Theory, nutritional psychiatrist and author Dr. Uma Naidoo joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore the connection between your diet and your mental behaviors. They discuss ways to lower anxiety through diet, the affect sweeteners have on your brain, what key foods to avoid, the ketogenic diet, what steps you can take for proper brain health, the dangerous and hidden ingredients in fast food, how to build a healthy proper salad, and what supplements everyone can benefit from taking.


Mind & Body | Dr. Naidoo shares her journey to focusing on nutritional psychiatry. [0:46]
Anxiety | Dr. Naidoo discusses the connection between your diet and your mental health. [2:41]
Sweeteners | Dr. Naidoo shares the affect of sweeteners on your mental health. [5:55]
Foods to Avoid | Dr. Naidoo reveals the foods to avoid for better mood and mental health. [9:09] Panic | Dr. Naidoo discusses the connection between anxiety and being hypoglycemic.[12:16]
Keto | Dr. Naidoo discusses the ketogenic diet and its relation to improved anxiety. [13:35]
Brain Health | Dr. Naidoo discusses the ‘brain diet’ and the best foods for our brain. [15:06]
Alcohol | Dr. Naidoo discusses a healthy approach to consuming alcohol. [17:48]
Sodium | Dr. Naidoo shares her take on sodium and its affect on our health. [20:34]
Fast Food | Dr. Naidoo reveals the hidden, yet dangerous, ingredients in fast food. [26:12]
Meat | Dr. Naidoo shares the best practices for having animal protein in your diet. [30:23]
Mediterranean | Dr. Naidoo breaks down the mediterranean diet and its benefits. [32:09]
Easy Steps | Dr. Naidoo shares the ‘easy wins’ you can implement into your diet. [34:02]
Magnesium | Dr. Naidoo discusses the importance of magnesium in our diet. [36:15]
Salads | Dr. Naidoo reveals the dos and don’ts of building a healthy salad. [37:15]
Supplements | Dr. Naidoo discusses the supplements most people can benefit from. [41:33]
Connect | Dr. Naidoo shares how you can follow her to learn more. [42:54]


“When a doctor says to you, “Here take this prescription,” as I have done as well, it’s disempowering to someone, you know. You’re being told you have to do this and you have this symptom and this is what will make you better. I think that nutrition and food flips that ratio and puts the person in the driver seat.” [25:14]

“Having those little things at the tips of the fingers is empowering; knowing that there are 200 names for sugar.” [28:30]

“What I find is that of the different diets, the mediterranean eating pattern has consistently shown the best results for depression and anxiety.” [32:00]

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    I stopped sugar and junk for one week, and it resulted in consecutive days where I just felt awake and not stressed as much. Then we got invited to a kids birthday party and I pigged out on pizza and doughnuts. The next day, high BP again and anxiety.

    It works, but the bad stuff is highly addictive and you have to be disciplined, which I am not.

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    Posting this interview is a gift to all of us so thank you, Tom!

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    Thank you for your work, Dr. Naidoo! Just posted my own video on top 10 brain foods (I’m a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist), and I cited your book! Thanks for sharing!

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    My name is Brandon William Combs & I am a prisoner at the Oregon State Hospital in Junction City Oregon. We need nutritional psychiatry. Living here is a punishment. Not a therapy. They make our bodies sick and do nothing to heal our minds. It is however an effective, albeit , inhumane detriment to crime.

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    The idea of introducing alternatives to inspire people rather than forbidding it reminds me of the uk tv show eat well for less. They swap people’s daily go to groceries without showing them the labels and motivate them to eat better foods motivating them to eat healtier foods by showing them how much money they can save up if they do. Usually actually having the people focus on a specific goal they want to save up for.

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    "the affect sweeteners have on your brain"? Good try, but no.
    Consolation prize: any effect on your brain may have an effect on your affect.
    Note that the Grammarly and Grammar101 entries on these are terrible and the Merriam-Webster is pretty poor.
    Any change in your brain may have an influence on the impression you make on others.
    To have an effect, noun, is to affect, verb, but the aspect of your manner that affects others is your affect, noun.

  30. Brandon Combs on August 16, 2022 at 5:52 am

    My name is Brandon William Combs. I am a prisoner at Oregon State Hospital in Junction City. We need nutritional psychiatrists. They force medicate and feed us a "modified" DASH diet.

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    Bees find their hives even if they go long distances.
    Bees always weave perfect honeycombs.
    They never forget to make honeycombs.
    They work like a master mathematician.
    Honey strengthens memory.
    Honey walnut mixture protects all your organs.
    Why don’t those with Alzheimer’s forget how to talk?
    If they didn’t have teeth, they couldn’t talk.(dentures)
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    So it’s processed “veg” oil (canola, sunflower, corn, safflower ) that’s unsafe. It’s not that the seed itself that’s the problem. How about coldpressed, unrefined veg/seed oil?

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    "the affect sweeteners have on your brain"? Good try, but no.
    Consolation prize: any effect on your brain may have an effect on your affect.

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    Concerning salt – several years ago I read that about 30% of the population is sensitive to salt. In my own case, at a doctor’s appointment several years ago, I was found to have excessively high blood pressure, and the doctor wanted to put me on BP medication, which I didn’t want. She gave me another week to come back for another checkup. So, I went home and got rid of all the prepared foods that I had, started cooking my own food of fresh vegetables (without added salt), and after the end of the week my blood pressure was down to normal. So, salt CAN make a difference, but your sensitivity may vary.

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