Healthy Eating during COVID-19

Healthy Eating during COVID-19

During this session, you will learn about:
0:00 Introduction to the Health Talk
5:58 A patient’s experience with healthy eating
14:12 The importance of making healthy eating choices
18:24 Foods that can support your immune system
25:38 How COVID-19 has changed our eating habits
27:52 Strategies to help you make healthy eating choices
31:07 Resources at UHN and in the community that can help you learn more about healthy eating 32:59 Where to go for information on how to access foods and groceries
36:23 Questions from the live audience

Looking for free or low-cost dietitian services? Check out these resources for more information:
– Dietitians Canada – Find a Dietitian:
– Dietitian Program – Canadian Centre for Refugee & Immigrant HealthCare (no fee or charge to see a dietitian but there may be a small fee for any forms completed):
– Vibrant HealthCare Alliance (free of charge but there is a waitlist):
– Unlock Food – Dietitians of Canada (Previously EatRight):

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The information within this video is not intended to replace any advice provided to you by your health care team. For your safety, we ask that you do not act on the information within these videos without first discussing your treatment or healthy living plan with your qualified health care providers.

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