How diet can improve teen health

How diet can improve teen health

Good nutrition is vital for healthy development, and creating a “healthy food environment” also helps young people to develop habits that will set them up for a healthy life, says Senior Lecturer (Human Nutrition) Dr Anita Lawrence.

Dr Lawrence, who teaches subjects in the major in Human Nutrition in the University of Melbourne’s Science and Biomedicine bachelors degrees, shares tips for parents of teens and tweens in the bite-sized lecture below, including understanding and implementing Australia’s Dietary Guidelines, making dietary changes easy and nutritious snacks for growing bodies.

Major in Human Nutrition:

She says the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and the Australian Dietary Guidelines, produced by Australia’s NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) gives clear advice, based on the best available scientific research.

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating:
Australian Dietary Guidelines:
How to understand serving sizes:


  1. Ph Ph on November 7, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    Also look into who funds any studies; it may skew the information to a desired narrative. Peer reviewed studies are best.

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    just tell me what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner

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    Lol, why do these videos are addressed to parents ?
    I’m a teen, but I don’t watch these doctors directly speaking to us like ‘Hey teen, what you eat affects your overall health’

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    Thank you so much for the video! A great summary in a short time! Absolutely love it! Thanks again.

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    tell me if im wrong but who is here bc there teacher wanted them to watch this vid?

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    This is such a pain man I just wanna eat what I want when I want I hate having a human body to take care of… even sleeping is so damn annoying I just wanna focus all my attention on the stuff that I wanna do