How Much Does a Diet & Nutrition App Development Costs? _ Pixel Crayons

How Much Does a Diet & Nutrition App Development Costs? _ Pixel Crayons

Are you trying to develop a #Diet and #NutritionApp?
This video will cover important aspects of the Diet & Nutrition App

Did you know?
1 in every 5 Americans is trying to track their health using a #fitnessapp.
The number of health (mobile health) apps have reached a stunning 45,791 in the Q2 of 2020.

The App must target end-users, #fitnesscenters, and nutritionists.
It must have the following features:
Quick Sign Up
Diet Suggestion
Food & Water Management
Activity Management
Calorie Tracking

The App can also offer a barcode scanner, wearables connectivity, video conference, etc.
To make money from it you can try the following:
In-App Advertisement
Paid subscription
In-App Purchase

The cost will depend upon features, complexity level, and chosen platform.
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