How to : Apply holistic nutrition principles to your diet

How to : Apply holistic nutrition principles to your diet

Apply holistic nutrition principles to your diet

Holistic medicine takes the whole body, mind and spirit into account. It believes that what you do to your body affects your mind and your spirit. If you want to follow a holistic lifestyle, you will want to use holistic nutrition principles when you decide what to eat.

In general, when you eat from a holistic point of view, you eat natural foods that haven’t been processed, sprayed with chemicals or had chemicals added to them for preservation or taste. In other words, you’ll want to eat things labeled organic. In general, you will want to eat raw fruits and vegetables whenever possible and stay away from sugar and white flour. Below are some more tips about what you can and can’t eat from a holisitic viewpoint.

Cut chemical-filled and/or alcohol-filled beverages from your life, including sodas, coffee, sweetened fruit juices and tea (other than herbal tea). Instead, drink mineral or distilled water, freshly squeezed fruit and/or vegetable juices, and herbal teas. Do not fry your foods, but grill them or eat them uncooked (as in the case of vegetables and fruits). Do not eat anything containing white flour. Eat only whole-grain products including breads, crackers, and cereal. Do not eat white rice, but brown instead. Limit your meat to three ounces a day, and eat only lamb, and skinless chicken and turkey. Do not eat any beef, hot dogs, deli meat or other processed meats. Do not eat any canned soups, but homemade soups (salt-free) made from vegetables, beans, lentils and brown rice. Do not use seasonings such as salt, pepper or vinegar (other than apple cider vinegar). Any other seasonings, such as garlic, onions and herbs are all fine. Do not eat any sweets made from white or brown sugar, corn syrup, chocolate, jams and jellies (made with sugar) or candy (made with sugar). You can eat raw honey, maple syrup and rice syrup. Stay away from milk and dairy products made from milk. Soy milk and goat cheese are fine though. Eat any and all fresh fruits (except oranges) and vegetables. Frozen and canned vegetables are okay as long as sugar and salts are not added to them. Dried fruits are also fine, as long as sugar is not added to them. For holistic recipes try First Holistic, Life Positive, and Holistic Living (see links), and Golda Sirota’s Love Food: Gourmet Recipes for Holistic Health: More than a Cookbook by Golda Sirota. Don’t yo-yo on this diet. Don’t eat holistically for a few weeks and then go back to eating sweets and fried foods. Eating holistically is a huge commitment and one you should be fully prepared for.

For more information about holistic nutrition principles, check out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and First Holistic (see links), Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach by Rudolph Ballentine, Eat Smart, Eat Raw by Kate Wood and Healthy Living: A Holistic Guide to Cleansing, Revitalization and Nutrition by Susana Lombardi.

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