How To Build A Large Economy In A Small Town With Jason Duff

How To Build A Large Economy In A Small Town With Jason Duff

How To Build A Large Economy In A Small Town With Jason Duff

I am joined by Jason Duff the founder and CEO of Small Nation, a team of small business owners that develop places, spaces, and dreams for small towns and entrepreneurs. Jason shares his inspiring story and mindset of how he put Bellefontaine, Ohio and other small towns on the map in a big way. His work has affected thousands of people and has been recognized by the country’s biggest leaders in business.

Guest Bio:
Jason Duff is the Founder of Small Nation which encompasses a group of companies, leaders and investors who develop places, spaces and dreams for small towns and small-town entrepreneurs across the county. Jason and his team at Small Nation have completely revitalized the town of Bellefontaine, Ohio. In 10 short years, they have turned a dying town and helped make it a Best-in-State destination.
Jason and his team can be credited with renovating more than 56 historic buildings and storefronts, starting or recruiting over 24 new businesses that have created over 190 new downtown jobs,
renovating 34 new loft apartments, and they continue to lead and inspire in making towns and communities strong.
Jason serves on the Small Business Advisory Council for US Chamber, is a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur & Inc Magazine, has been recognized by the White House as Top 100 Entrepreneurs in 2013 and 2015, and was recently named Heritage Ohio’s 2019 Young Preservationist of the Year.

Connect with Jason and his team:

Downtown Bellefontaine revitalization:

Six Hundred Downtown

Brewfontaine, award-winning craft beer bar:
The Flying Pepper Cantina:
BUILD Cowork + Space:
The Historic Opera Block:
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