ITA webinar: Nutrition and dietary supplements

ITA webinar: Nutrition and dietary supplements

This month we focused on athlete nutrition. In particular, we examined how athletes can navigate between a food-first approach and dietary supplement options.

We heard from nutrition expert Professor Ron Maughan who talked about the importance of an individual approach to nutrition and the food-first approach.

Studies show that many athletes also use supplements, but this can be risky due to contamination and mislabelling of products. Abby Raymond, a weightlifter from the USA, shared her experience with contaminated supplements.

Finally, to help those athletes who choose to incorporate supplements into their regimen, Terence O’Rorke from Informed Sport joined us to discuss supplement testing. While no supplement is 100% safe, Terence spoke about the steps athletes and their support personnel can take to greatly reduce the risk of supplement contamination.


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    Very insightful!