Ka'o Carlos – The founder of PIDGINMOJI

Ka'o Carlos – The founder of PIDGINMOJI

PIDGINMOJI was started by Ka’ohele (on da left) and inspired by Kamalu (on da right), two brothers who grew up in Waialua (when it was still a plantation town) on da North Shore of O’ahu. Ka’ohele (Ka’o for short) wen grad Waialua High School in ’94 and Kamalu (Malu for short… Kamaluonapi’olani for long) wen grad Waialua High School in ’99. He also wen go Kamehameha.

Ka’o created da original PIDGINMOJI app fo’ send local kine emoji talking Pidgin to Malu. Den all their friends wanted da Pidgin emoji so Ka’o released da PIDGINMOJI mobile apps on iOS and Android. Den he turned PIDGINMOJI into one lifestyle brand selling swimwear, face masks, t-shirts, slippahs, beach towels, stickahs and more with any kine Pidgin on top!

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  1. Butacup Pucatub on February 7, 2022 at 10:40 pm

    On Apple, can’t get the app. Will try again soon. Excited to express myself local girl style. My current emoji power is 🤙🏽 and 🌺 limited yeah