Principles of a Healthy Diet

Principles of a Healthy Diet

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The key to a healthy balanced diet is not to ban or omit any foods or food groups but to balance what we eat by consuming a variety of foods from each food group in the right proportions for good health.

The five food groups of healthy food are:
• Fruit and vegetables;
• Bread and cereals;
• Milk and dairy products;
• Meats/alternatives; and
• Drinks

One should eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.
One serving of dairy equals:

• 1 glass of milk (250ml) or calcium fortified soy milk;
• 40g cheese; and
• 200g carton of low fat yoghurt or 1 cup of custard

Dietary fibre is found in plant foods (fruit, vegetables and whole grains) and is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system.
The body gets its fluid from three sources:

• Drinks, either plain water or as part of other beverages including tea, coffee, and/or squash;
• Solid foods, especially fruits and vegetables (even foods such as bread and cheese provide small amounts of fluid);
• As a by-product of chemical reactions within the body

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Diploma in Diet and Nutrition level 4 is designed for people who want to pursue nutrition advising career. Nutrition Certification Online level 4 is delivered through following fifteen units: An Overview of Nutrition, Basics of Nutrition 1, Basics of Nutrition 2, Digestion and Detoxification, Eating Disorders, Balancing the Diet, Principles of Healthy Eating, Nutrition and the Immune System, Diet and Disease, Women’s Health, Nutrition Requirement for Different People, Weight Control Management, Weight Loss Management, Anti-ageing formulas, The Role of a Nutritionist. This course in designed to grow contemporary skills of a professional diet and nutrition adviser in our students. After successful completion of our courses, you will get accredited certificates from UK’s top awarding bodies.

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