The Difference Between Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise – Is One Better for Weight Loss?

The Difference Between Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise – Is One Better for Weight Loss?

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise? What are the main distinctions, what are the different benefits, and what should you use more of for something like fat loss? Well, in this video we’re going to cover all that along with some actual exercise examples within each to help you answer the question which is better for you right now. Enjoy!

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise Differences Overview (0:29)

Before we look at any specific benefits, we need to first have a general understanding of what each is. Aerobic translates to ‘with oxygen’, meaning any exercise within this category can be sufficiently fueled by breathing alone. As a good rule of thumb, if you can talk while doing an exercise, it’s generally aerobic.

Here’s a great heart rate calculator to determine your aerobic heart rate:

On the flip side, anaerobic means without oxygen. These are higher intensity exercises like lifting, circuit training, and anything where regular breathing alone is not enough to fuel the exercise.

What are the Different Fuel Sources Between Aerobic & Anaerobic? (2:20)

So what does this basic distinction mean for the benefits of each?. Well, during aerobic exercise, your body primarily draws from fat along with carbs to fuel movement. But when we kick into anaerobic exercise, our body can no longer burn fat for sufficient energy and looks more towards carbs, amino acids, and even lactate acid.

What are the Benefits of Each (3:20)

Now, this doesn’t mean that anaerobic exercise does not burn fat. Even though it doesn’t burn fat off as a primary source of energy, as you’ll discover, it has some long-term fat-burning benefits that are great for weight loss.

How to Pick Between the Two: Aerobic vs. Anaerobic (4:18)

So when it comes down to it, both types of exercise can have amazing benefits for any area of fitness. So the question really comes down to what is going to work better for your personality and schedule? Do you gravitate more towards shorter, high-intensity exercise or are you a fan of taking longer walks/hikes? That being said, there are some specific benefits to each that we’ll cover more in this video.

The General Overview (6:03)

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    So if my heart rate is very high and raise up to the anaerobic heart rate zone when I swim or jog. Should I just slow down?

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    Whether Yoga is aerobic or anaerobic or something else? Kindly guide!

  7. Matthew Nicholas on January 25, 2023 at 5:44 am

    At LAST someone recognises you can’t stick to a rule and it work.
    My problem with the fat zone is actually keeping my heart rate in it. Resting its around 50bpm
    As soon as I start jogging it rockets. I find I get better results for weight loss at max heart rate 160-180 for a 7-10k run than I ever do walking around trying to keep it low..

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    Great video, I have some questions about lifting and whether or not it is always anaerobic. I am a pretty athletic type person and have excellent cardiovascular health and I enjoy going on 2 mile runs where I run hard (for me between 17-20 minutes). I run to a track by my house which gets my heart rate up and then I wait 15 seconds and then start my 2 mile run. My 2 mile run is in the anerobic range pretty much the whole time. My question about lifting is… is it always anerobic? I usually I like to do a medium amount of weight (3 sets of 20 with little rest in-between exercises), and am gaining muscle and getting lean but I am never able to get my heart rate in the anerobic range when lifting. In fact, even when I am lifting heavy and intensely (when I go to the gym with a friend of mine) I can barely get in the aerobic range for my heart rate, let alone the anerobic range. I am able to talk through most lifting but there are definitely times when I have to control my breathing and focus. But even after I’ve done that I recover quickly and am breathing normally again. My heart rate monitor calculates my max heart rate and personal ranges so it isn’t as if I’m basing whether or not I’m in anerobic or aerobic from a generalized age to heart rate chart. I should also mention that I have a very high metabolism and I ran the 400 meter dash in high school. My dad also has a high metabolism, ran the 400 in high school and in college, and has great cardiovascular health. So, I’m wondering that for lifting I’m obviously taxing the muscles and obtaining muscle growth but I’m wondering if I am getting the aid of the oxygen fueled biological processes in my lifting. Recovery from lifting seems to be much faster than recovery from running 2 miles hard. I have also been able to get in the anaerobic heart range running stairs. Anyhow, I welcome any insight to what anyone might think is happening here. It would be nice to understand what type of exercise I’m going when I’m lifting.

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    These are the best things for exercising, and the best way to learn about cycling, when it is time. The best time to watch these video is before you start cycing on the bikes, and you learned everyhing about the bike, whether it’s via video or through an instructor in person.

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    Some extra differences from my experiences to take note is that, anaerobic exercise has higher tendency for injuries as compared to aerobic. So it’s a bit harder to be consistent to it. And another thing, NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) drops a lot after anaerobic exercise, meaning I tend to rest a lot for the rest of the day. Bcs its so tiring, I won’t be doing much afterwards. In the other hands, doing aerobic exercise will take longer time as compared to anaerobic. Like if you jog vs running, you can finish earlier if you run and you can spend your time doing something else rather than jogging for hours. So yeah I guess it’s better to do both instead of sticking to one.

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    Crystal clear explanation. Thank you. I have question, I run every 2 days (1 day run, tommorow not – like this routinely) each run is 7km and a time 10km. When I see my heart rate monitor, 90% falls within anaerobic zone, but like you say anaerobic good for muscles building, but what I do is running, not weight lifting, is my run beneficial for muscle building as well?

  29. Aaron Moat on January 25, 2023 at 6:12 am

    Thank you for your explanation. So I do mountain biking and find that there is a split in aerobic Vs anaerobic exercise. Its generally between 20-45% during my cycle. Is this good or am I doing something wrong?

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    In regards of EPOC, is not that much, studies suggests you can lose an additional 80cals, so dont use anaerobic exercise as your primary exercise for fat loss, you want better heart, lungs and vo2 for that (HIIT, Sprint at > 85% mas heart rate for up your vo2 max) and gain muscle mass when lifting weight.

    You want to brisk walk or jog very slowly to burn fat. But the most important thing to do to use fat is to be on a caloric deficit, no more that 500 cals (which already is too much).

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    Could you do a video focusing on women, especially as we age heading towards menopause. I find there’s not enough information on this.

    I feel there is a very big interplay between our adrenals (cortisol), chronic lifetime stress, and estrogen/progesterone/testosterone levels as we head towards our 50s. Thanks.

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    EPOC has been highly over estimated with some studies only showing a 5% increase on calories burned post exercise. Also worth pointing out the effect on appetite from these types of exercise. Some people find aerobic to blunt appetite, helping them lose weight, whilst others find anaerobic to increase the appetite, making it harder.

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