The Ideal Diet for Planetary Health | PAN Academy | Free Online Nutrition Courses

The Ideal Diet for Planetary Health | PAN Academy | Free Online Nutrition Courses

A healthy planet is THE basic requirement for our own well-being. The food system contributes one-quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, with animal agriculture being one of the highest emitters within the sector. The 1.5-degree target will not be achieved without the adoption of a significantly more plant-based diet.

Find out more for yourself in lesson #6 of our online course “Power of Nutrition” here:

In this lesson, we dive more into the connections between diet and climate. Get some key facts and figures about how our food system contributes to climate change and learn about practical dietary choices you can make to support planetary health.

Further reading:
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– Check out this study that compared 85 national food-based dietary guidelines with planetary health targets:

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  1. Kingfillins on February 12, 2023 at 7:28 am

    Unsaturated plant oils?
    They are poison.
    If they have that so wrong what else?