The Role of Diet and Nutrition in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Role of Diet and Nutrition in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Learn about how diet and nutritional therapies can be used to help manage Crohn’s or colitis, and other dietary recommendations for people with IBD to maintain overall health.

0:00 – Introduction and events
3:11 – Introducing Speaker: Robyn Nagel
6:20 – What Role Does Diet Play in IBD?
8:25 – Is Diet a Cause or Cure for IBD
8:52 – Oral Diets as Treatment for IBD
9:15 – Specific Carbohydrate Diet
12:05 – IBD AID (Anti-Inflammatory Diet)
14:43 – Low FODMAP Diet
17:05 – Gluten-free Diet
18:17 – Paleolithic Diet
19:25 – Auto-immune protocol (AIP) Diet
20:05 – Mediterranean Diet
21:53 – Crohn’s Disease Exclusion Diet
24:33 – Enteral Nutrition as IBD Treatment
25:48 – Caution on restrictive diets
29:04 – Can supplements cure IBD?
30:03 – Curcumin, Omega-3 and Vitamin D Supplements
32:03 – Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplements
35:40 – General Healthy Diet
37:05 – Important Roles of Diet in IBD
38:02 – Diets for Symptom Management
38:28 – Low Fiber / Low Residue Diet
40:19 – Low Fat Diet
41:13 – Gas Producing Foods
42:18 – Lactose-Free Diet
43:36 – References
43:50 – Questions & Answers
44:40 – Is there a specific type of diet that can be used as a replacement to conventional therapies such as immunosuppressant, steroid, or biologic/biosimilar medications?
45:40 – Are there any specific diets that can be used to prevent IBD flare-ups?
46:35 – Are there any specific types of diets or foods that are recommended for people with anemia?
48:25 – Are there any specific diets or food that promote hair growth?
49:36 – How can you reintroduce greens and other vegetables into your diet after having a flare up?
51:08 – Are there any specific cookbooks for people living with IBD that you recommend?
52:37 – Can people with IBD enjoy alcohol in moderation without risking a flare up of their Crohn’s or colitis?
54:10 – Can a dairy-free diet or lactose-free foods reduce symptoms of IBD or disease flare up?
55:20 – Does the use of unpasteurized food such as sauerkraut or kimchi help promote healthy gut?
57:20 – What is the best type of fiber to bulk stool?
59:10 – Should people with IBD use digestive enzymes?
1:01:03 – Is it safe to be a vegetarian or vegan if you have Crohn’s or colitis?
1:02:55 – Has there been any research into therapeutic benefits of following a vegan or vegetarian diet in managing inflammation?
1:03:56 – Do you have any tips for identifying trigger foods?
1:05:39 – What foods in particular can help reduce diarrhea?
1:07:07 – Does nutritional health change during active disease versus a flare up?
1:08:34 – Are there dietary recommendations for people with a stricture or that are post-surgery and recovering
1:10:26 – Do you have recommendations for vitamin or supplement use in people with stricture or short-gut syndrome to assist with low absorption of nutrients from solid foods and drink?
1:12:04 – Are there any specific diets recommended for people that must consume low-residue food and drink due to stricture?
1:13:07 – Do you have any recommendations on talking with an IBD specialist or primary healthcare provider that does not believe diet is associated with IBD?
1:14:21 – How can I access or get a referral to a registered dietitian?
1:15:28 – Are their dietary recommendations for people with an Ostomy or J-Pouch?
1:16:25 – Is caffeine safe to consume in people with Crohn’s or colitis?
1:17:43 – Do you have any recommendations for formulas to use with feeding tube to avoid abdominal bloating and discomfort?
1:18:50 – Why do people with IBD have a difficult time digesting raw vegetables, garlic and onion?
1:20:35 – Are there certain foods that can slow down digestion?

Speaker: Robyn Nagel (RD, MHSc) is a Community Registered Dietitian working at a Family Health Team in Midland, Ontario. Robyn completed both her Bachelors of Science in Food and Nutritional Sciences and her Masters of Health Science in Nutrition Communication at Ryerson University.

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