University Health Services: Health and Wellness

University Health Services: Health and Wellness

University Health Services (UHS) is at the forefront of advancing student health and faculty and staff wellness through health leadership, expertise, and discovery. Our vision is to be a campus that actively cultivates better health and well-being for all — a place that can actually make you healthier! Through our bold leadership, we develop and implement initiatives that elevate health as essential to campus sustainability, viability, and humanity. We invest in advancements that help students, staff, and faculty be healthier.

Health equity, where every person no matter their background has the opportunity to attain their highest level of well-being, is a vital component of everything we do. Providing access to seamless, integrated, high-quality health programs and services for students, staff, and faculty is at our core. We achieve this by being other-oriented and forming partnerships with the community.

We believe in the transformative potential of infusing health into all campus policies, strengthening our focus on prevention, and building a nationally-recognized collegiate health research program.

Who we are
University Health Services provides comprehensive medical, mental health, insurance, and health promotion services to all Berkeley students and health programs for faculty and staff. Our services are designed to minimize the impact of illness, emotional distress, and injury on studies and work.

What we do
For over 100 years, UHS has been providing health care and integrative services for a wide range of physical and mental health care needs to the Berkeley campus community. And we’ve spent a quarter-century of that time at the Tang Center, a fully accredited health care facility, UHS employs over 300 people, including primary and urgent care physicians, psychiatrists, consulting medical specialists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists, health educators, social workers, and other health administrative professionals. All our clinicians, counselors, and nurses are state-licensed and/or certified in their respective fields. In addition to our staff, approximately 400 Berkeley students participate in UHS peer, intern, and volunteer programs, and community volunteers donate over 150 hours of service a year. Together, we provide services on a continuum from prevention through treatment.

UHS leads the way when it comes to services and special initiatives to improve the health and well-being of our campus community. Just a few of these initiatives include implementing the campus Healthy Food and Beverage policy; redesigning counseling programs at the new Anna Head Annex to provide services for African American, Chicanx/Latinx, Native Americans and other groups; expanding self-directed testing and targeted education programs: and screening 100 percent of incoming students to prevent infectious disease from reaching our campus.

Whether it is launching a health department certification program or implementing our Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union satellite location to facilitate on-campus service delivery of our wellness programs, UHS is continually looking for ways to create positive outcomes on the health and welfare of the Berkeley community now and for the next 100 years.

Note: A limited number of other categories of UCB and UC students, families and staff also are eligible to use all or some UHS services for varying time periods. The appointment office at (510) 642-2000 will help you verify eligibility. Spouses, domestic partners and other eligible non-student groups pay fees-for-service, which are higher than student fees.