Welcome to My Gym | Exercise Song for Kids | Time 4 Kids TV

Welcome to My Gym | Exercise Song for Kids | Time 4 Kids TV

Welcome To My Gym – Exercise Song for Kids – Gym Song -Time 4 Kids TV.
An exercise song where kids stretch to the left and right, up and down, do star jumps and even row row row your boat. This easy indoor or outdoor workout for children will improve their fitness and build healthier muscles. Parents and teachers will love it! There are 6 exercise songs in our series.
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Welcome to My Gym © Words & Music by Voula Samaras
Boys and girls welcome to my gym
Let’s warm up everyone standing
Let’s clap our hands to the beat
Keep clapping and march our feet
One, two, three, four
One, two, three, four
Count it once more
One, two, three, four
Great marching. Now let’s try with our arms straight
Like a rocket, to the left, right, up, down. Ready?
Left, right, up, down x4
Let’s make the shape of a star
Arms out and legs apart
Let’s make the shape of a ball
Head and knees to the floor
Star Ball
Star Ball
Do it once more
Star Ball
Now, do you want to try it faster?
You do. Terrific! Are you ready? Let’s go.
Star, ball, star, ball x4
Gee you looked like you were having a lot of fun.
Now let’s sit on the floor and do some floor exercises.
Let’s part our legs wide
Arms relaxed to the side
Let’s push our knees into our chest
Come on try it, do your best!
In, out
In, out
Say it loud
In, out
Are you ready to try this one faster too?
Yes? Okay, let’s go
In, out, in, out x4
Fantastic! Now for the next exercise I’d like you
To work with a friend please
Get together in pairs, that’s right
Hold each others’ hands real tight
Legs wide apart with feet touching
Like you’re going rowing
Push, pull
Push, pull
Please be gentle
Push, pull
Shall we try this faster too?
It’s the last exercise so do your very, very best
Push, pull, push, pull x4
Thank you for coming to my gym
Give yourselves a clap for joining in
You worked out great, you did just fine
Hope to see you again next time Bye!