What Is Hepatitis C? – Dr.Berg

What Is Hepatitis C? – Dr.Berg

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Here are some alternative ways to minimize the damage from hepatitis C.

0:00 If you have hepatitis C here are some alternative ways to minimize the damage it causes
2:13 Inflammation can cause the pre-diabetic condition called insulin resistance
4:01 I explain what you can do to minimize the damage
5:57 Intermittent fasting is one of the most powerful things you can do

In this video, I explain what hepatitis C is along with some alternative ways to minimize the damage it causes. This is for education only and not meant to replace medical care, so please confer with your doctor before you apply any of these recommendations.

Hepatitis C is a specific virus that invades your liver and causes a lot of inflammation and damage. It’s transmitted by blood. The way you get it is through dirty needles or a transfusion. Rarely via a tattoo or acupuncture.

What’s interesting about the hepatitis C virus is that it mimics LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol. There’s no vaccine. You become more at risk for diabetes, cirrhosis, and cancer. Some of the symptoms are fatigue, nausea, weight loss, joint pain, muscle pain, and loss of cognitive function.

Curiously, 10-15 percent of cases resolve spontaneously, mainly in younger people and women.

The inflammation can cause a pre-diabetic condition called insulin resistance. Your body can’t process insulin, but in response, your body starts making more of it because it doesn’t get the message to slow down production. High insulin causes oxidation, which is why pre-diabetics and diabetics have problems with their nerves, brain, heart, arteries, eyes, and kidneys.

I linked below to a study that shows significant improvement in liver function in people given antioxidants such as milk thistle, ascorbic acid, L-glutamine, alpha-lipoic acid, alpha-tocopherol, and B vitamins. Others that are effective but not part of the study are NAC, selenium, and SAME.

I highly recommend eating parsley, kale, and other cruciferous foods, or a concentrated green product or cruciferous product. Also, do intermittent fasting, just be sure to ease into it. Get on a healthy keto plan. Avoid alcohol, and see if you can minimize the medications you’re on, All of these actions have the capacity to minimize harm from the hepatitis C virus, and maximize your liver’s function.

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Thanks for watching!

Hepatitis C causes liver damage, but I explain some alternative ways to minimize it.

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