WHY YOU NEED TO PRACTICE HOLISTIC NUTRITION! Holistic nutrition benefits. | Edukale

WHY YOU NEED TO PRACTICE HOLISTIC NUTRITION! Holistic nutrition benefits. | Edukale

Why should you start practicing holistic nutrition? What are the holistic nutrition benefits? Learn basic holistic nutrition with this video!
More and more people are turning to the holistic approach for optimal health and nutrition instead of dieting and cutting calories— and it’s great! But what is holistic nutrition and how can you apply it to your everyday life?
Holistic nutrition is a natural approach to eating healthily by taking into consideration all aspects of well-being in order to establish a personalized food and lifestyle plan.
It focuses on addressing the root cause of a problem instead of treating the symptoms. The goal is to develop a healthy relationship with food and to understand the importance of nutrition for optimal health.
In holistic nutrition, food is a way to provide your body with the proper nutrients to regenerate and heal. It’s important to learn the basics of nutrition in order to understand which foods to eat and their effect on your body.
Holistic nutrition is also focused on incorporating more whole, natural, and organic food into your diet, while staying away from processed foods.
In this video, I talk about the basic principles of holistic nutrition. I also discuss four simple steps to apply holistic nutrition to your daily life. These are to choose whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible, to practice mindful eating, to focus on nutrients instead of calories, and to practice holistic living in aspects other than nutrition. I also discuss the limits of holistic nutrition.

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